Spanish Stories for Beginners Ep3

Juan y el jugo de brócoli

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Welcome to Episode #3 of our Spanish Stories for Beginners


You will learn Spanish with this video!

In this episode from the Spanish Stories series you will get exposed to the following vocabulary in Spanish:

-él bebe: he drinks

-él toma: another way to say ‘he drinks’

-A Juan le gusta el jugo: Juan likes juice

This story is about a boy called Juan. Juan  is a boy that adores drinking fruit juices, but one day he tries out something new. Watch this story to learn vocabulary about fruits, breakfast, lunch and dinner in Spanish, and keep your ears open for what Juan finds out. Lastly, watch out for the expressions ‘ I don’t like’ and ‘Do you like?

This Spanish storytelling will help you improve your Spanish by exposing you to a simple story where siblings are talking. Watch and listen to get exposed to a real life situation and how native Spanish speakers interact.

Learn more Spanish with short stories that have been carefully crafted using real life language to help you improve language proficiency in a natural way! You can also watch this and other episodes at our YouTube channel.

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If you are a beginner Spanish student and would like to improve your Spanish in a simple and natural way, we invite you to watch our stories. We will take you through a fun and joyful journey to learn Spanish

Is Spanish storytelling ok for me?

Please check our Spanish Learning Method page to see how all this works and why we use Spanish Storytelling and cultural immersion to provide you with with real life Spanish language, Spanish expressions and culture. 

How to use this video


Find a stress-free environment to watch the story


Sit back, grab a coffee, relax and concentrate on the essence of the story, NOT the language itself


Watch more stories, you will understand more and more Spanish every day…

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