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Experience Our Unique Spanish Classes First-Hand

  • Regular Availability: Trial classes are available throughout the year, offering flexibility to suit your schedule.
  • One-on-One Sessions: Enjoy a personalized 30-minute session, tailored to give you a taste of our dynamic Spanish classes.
  • Experience Our Teaching Style: Engage directly with our unique teaching approach in a live, interactive setting.
  • Level Assessment: We’ll evaluate your current Spanish level during the trial and suggest the best program for you to enrol in.
  • Material Requirements: For certain age levels, specific materials may be needed. We’ll provide all necessary details during booking.
  • No Charge, and Considerate Rescheduling: While our trial classes are free, last-minute cancellations can lead to wasted resources and costs for us. We understand that life can be unpredictable, so if something arises that prevents you from attending, we greatly appreciate your prompt notification to cancel and reschedule. This helps us manage our resources better and offer the best experience to all students.

Book your free trial class below. Note that after-school appointment slots are limited. If you can’t find a suitable time, feel free to contact us for more options.

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